Dorothy Charles
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Photo: Bridget Ahern

Photo: Bridget Ahern

Upcoming Esalen Workshops

In addition to teaching in Europe, Asia, and throughout the U.S., Dorothy continues to offer workshops twice a year in Big Sur, California at Esalen Institute. It was at Esalen where she was introduced to Gestalt Practice and studied with Esalen's co-founder, Dick Price. While working in the kitchen and attending as many groups as she could over those first three years, Dorothy developed her now life-long passion of working with groups using the Gestalt Approach.

In 1985, she blended the Gestalt work with her formal training and background in education when she joined the Gazebo School at Esalen as a teacher and later became its director. Since that time, Dorothy has facilitated countless work department process groups, community open seats, workshops, and work scholar groups. She continues the gestalt legacy in the tradition of Dick Price by offering gestalt education at Esalen and at Tribal Ground Circle in Aptos, California, which she co-founded in 2013 with Christine Price. 

For a complete catalog of Dorothy’s workshops at Esalen check out Esalen’s website.

For a personal take on Dorothy's history with Esalen, check out her “Voices of Esalen” podcast below, recorded with Sam Stern in 2018. 

Banner photo by Bridget Ahern